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Dakai is a NFT development company that works with first movers, visionaries, and industry pioneers. We provide world class NFT development services for those who want to build what’s next, right now. 

With a team of experienced developers and designers, we specialize in creating innovative and cutting-edge NFT projects that bring your ideas to life. From concept to deployment, we offer a full range of services to help you create and launch successful NFTs in the marketplace. 

Whether you're looking to launch a new NFT project, or need help growing your existing one, we're here to help. Let us help you turn your NFT vision into reality.

Case Study

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Building an NFT marketplace in record time

NFT Development Services

We work with the latest technologies to deliver the best product and experience possible for your NFT project.

Dakai, an NFT development agency, has worked with industry leaders like Binance to deliver high quality NFT products. We realize that a great product doesn’t just happen: it takes many steps in development to go from vision to reality. 

See some of the services below that we can do for you.

NFT Concept Development: Our team can help you conceptualize and develop your NFT idea into a tangible and executable plan.

Smart Contract Development: When it comes to developing smart contracts, our team of developers will work with you to bring your NFT vision to life.

NFT Platform Development: We can help you develop and deploy your NFTs on popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, TRON, Avalanche, Polygon, Hyperledger, Stacks, Hedera Hashgraph, Flow Blockchain, and Solana.

NFT Marketplace Development: We offer custom marketplace development services that cater to your specific NFT requirements.

NFT Maintenance & Support: Our team provides ongoing support and maintenance services if needed.

Why Choose Dakai As NFT Developers

The Tech Partner for First Movers: Dakai works with companies looking to push their industries forward. We are selective about what projects we take on, ensuring the highest quality experience for those we partner with. 

At the Forefront of Emerging Technology: Tech changes at warp speed. The team at Dakai constantly stays ahead of new trends and developments, making sure that your product is the best it can be. 

Trusted by the Best in the Industry: Companies like Binance and Solana trust Dakai with their projects, knowing they will get done right, on time and within budget.

NFT Marketplace Development Services

Dakai is an NFT marketplace developer that has built early, high profile NFT marketplaces for companies like Binance on quick turnaround times. We can do the same for your NFT marketplace project.

Marketplaces require certain specific services and knowledge, including:

Planning & Conceptualization: We help define the goals and objectives of your NFT marketplace, determine your target audience, and plan the functionality and features you want to include.

User Interface Design: We can create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for your marketplace, including a clean and modern layout, intuitive navigation, and custom graphics.

Platform Development: We assist in choosing a blockchain platform for your NFT marketplace and develop the infrastructure for it, including smart contract development, token creation, and wallet integration.

Client Testimonials
Dakai helped build out an insanely high-quality NFT marketplace.
- Joe Nance, former product owner at Binance

How NFTs Can be Used in Industries

Art and Collectibles: NFTs are widely used in the art world to verify ownership and authenticity of digital art, collectibles, and rare items.

Gaming: NFTs are utilized in the gaming industry for in-game items, collectibles, and virtual real estate.

Music: Musicians and music labels are using NFTs to sell unique digital collectibles, such as limited-edition album artwork, concert tickets, and backstage passes.

Sports: Sports teams and organizations are exploring NFTs for merchandise, memorabilia, and fan engagement.

Real Estate: NFTs are being used in real estate for virtual properties, such as virtual land in online games and digital real estate in virtual reality.

Fashion: The fashion industry is using NFTs to sell limited-edition clothing and accessories.

Tech Stack

Blockchain platform: We’ve worked with Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, Avalanche, Polygon, Lightning Network, Hyperledger, Hedera Hashgraph, Flow Blockchain, and Solana, which are popular choices for building NFTs as they provide a robust and secure decentralized network. We also have worked with Stacks, another more recent blockchain. 

Smart Contract language: Rust (for Solana), Solidity (for EVM-based chains like Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon), and Clarity (for Stacks) can be used to write smart contracts that run on the blockchain and manage the creation and transfer of NFTs.

Front-end development: React, Angular, or Vue.js can be used to build the user interface for the NFT platform. We primarily use React and Next.js for building frontends.  

Javascript Libraries: We use ethers.js, a library for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. We also use Web3.js. 

Wallet Integrations: We’ve integrated with Metamask, Phantom, and Hiro. 

IPFS: We use IPFS, a file sharing protocol, to store the data of the NFTs.


What is an NFT?
An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of a piece of digital content such as art, music, videos, or other forms of media. NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which is a decentralized and secure ledger of transactions. This allows NFTs to be unique, verifiable, and easily transferable between owners.
Why are NFTs Popular?
Currently NFTs are popular because they’re treated like trading cards. The initial craze as a speculative asset is a limited view of what the tech can do. It’s just one special case - the tech itself is capable of much more and has use cases beyond trading. NFTs should be considered more broadly applicable since they can be anything, not just images. For example, concert tickets with a unique identifier such as a seat number are something you can present as an NFT and store on the blockchain. This can prove ownership of the ticket and combat fraudulent tickets. It can also be used as deeds to houses as another example. The NFT could point to a document, video, basically anything that’s a form of data. Unlike fungible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, NFTs cannot be exchanged for an equal value because each NFT is unique and has its own set of attributes, such as originality, rarity, or provenance. This makes NFTs a popular tool for digital artists, musicians, and other creators to monetize their work and maintain control over their intellectual property.
How to Price NFTs?
The value of an NFT is determined by the market, and prices for NFTs can range from a few dollars to millions of dollars, depending on their perceived value and popularity. NFTs have gained a lot of attention in recent years and are becoming an increasingly popular way for creators to monetize their digital content.
How Does an NFT Actually Work?
InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a part of how NFTs are implemented. IPFS is a distributed file system that allows for the storage and retrieval of digital files in a decentralized network. It provides a way to securely store and share large amounts of digital content in a decentralized and distributed manner, rather than relying on a central server. Most of the time, these tokens contain or refer to an image and that image is what’s stored on IPFS. When combined, IPFS and NFTs provide a complete solution for storing and managing digital assets. The digital content can be stored securely on the IPFS network, and the NFT can be used to represent ownership of the digital content and to verify its authenticity. By using both IPFS and NFTs, it is possible to create a secure and decentralized system for managing digital assets, such as digital art and collectibles. ERC721 is the most popular smart contract standard for NFTs.

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