Case Study: DLC.Link – Unlocking the Power of Bitcoin

In the digital currency landscape, Bitcoin still has the biggest market in crypto. But in order for the decentralized digital asset to be transferred, it requires contracts for uses like lending and currency hedging.

This is where DLC.Link comes in. The company builds the infrastructure that lets application developers on any blockchain accept native Bitcoin. DLC.Link is solving one of the biggest challenges in the industry today by unlocking the power of Bitcoin across blockchain applications.

The Situation

When DLC.Link was being developed, the team applied for an ambitious grant that required them to build a complex product within a very short amount of time. Milestones were drawn up to measure progress month-by-month and the margin for error was small. That’s when the company decided to take a risk and spend half of its initial funding on partnering with Dakai to get a kickstart and ramp up quickly.

“As a startup, the idea of spending half of our budget on Dakai was a major decision. Their team knew this and rolled up their sleeves to design and execute our product seamlessly.”

- Aki Balogh, CEO at

The Results

After a three-week ramp-up period, Dakai ended up delivering the project two months early — and compressed a 5-month engagement into a 3-month engagement while delivering code that did not show any critical vulnerabilities.

As a result, DLC.Link grew from two employees to six and demonstrated enough product traction and innovation to raise $1 million in additional funding. What’s more, the technology that Dakai helped build is embedded into the first prototype that will launch this fall.

“Dakai made our professional success a personal priority for them, which showed in the resulting quality of the product that they delivered. Their technical brilliance is best suited for high-impact projects that solve difficult engineering problems.”

- Aki Balogh, CEO at

“The market that DLC.Link will open up for the crypto space is unmatched. Billions of dollars of liquidity will be available with a trustworthy, self-custodian way and the safe design of Clarity language of Stacks further deepens the reliability. Security and the seamless integration with Bitcoin are the main reasons why Stacks was a perfect fit for the project. Developing DLC.Link was a fun and collaborative process, our whole team enjoyed it a lot. Clarity and the Stacks ecosystem are completely different from the EVM and Solidity, however everything went smoothly since the documentation is clear and developer community is always happy to help.”

- Gabor Kovacs, Blockchain Developer at Dakai

A Look Ahead

The partnership between DLC.Link and Dakai created a proof of concept for a Bitcoin escrow technology that has the potential to unlock trillions in Bitcoin liquidity over the coming years. At scale, this will undoubtedly make a permanent and lasting impact on the crypto landscape today — and in the future.

To learn what Dakai can do for you, visit our page.

Laszlo L. Mari
Published On:
October 14, 2022
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